The Dimension page displays a list of dimensions that have been created. By default, the following dimensions have been created

1. Account
2. Entity
3. Scenario
4. Department
5. Category
6. Period

Dimensions describe the objects that participate in the business, such as account, employee, customer, product, or company. Each dimension must be unique value. In Solver Reporting, dimensions are easily identifiable by the green plus button.

Creating a Dimension
To create a dimension
1. Click on Configuration -> Dimension.
2. A list of dimensions will appear. As mentioned above, the default dimensions will appear.
3. Click the Create () button .
4. In the popup that appears, type in the name of the dimension. Dimension names are limited to 100 characters and should not contain an apostrophe.
5. Click Create to create the dimension. The user will be taken to the dimension attributes page.

Modifying a Dimension Name
To modify a module name
1. From the Configuration -> Dimension screen, select the dimension to be edited.
2. Click the edit icon ().
3. In the popup that appears, modify the dimension name
4. Click Save to save the new dimension name. Click Cancel to exit the popup and keep the previous module name.

Deleting a Dimension
WARNING: All relevant data must be deleted in the modules before deleting a dimension
1. From the Configuration -> Modules screen, select the dimension name to be edited.
2. Click on the trash can icon ().
3. A popup will appear confirming the action to delete the dimension. Click Delete to delete the module.
The module will no longer appear in the list and has been successfully removed from the application.