Module Schema

The modules schema page allows users to assign dimensions to a module. This is necessary to “define” the dimensionality of the data that is being added to the module. Modules are fully cusotmizable, allowing a user to enable different dimensions to each module. This process is the final step in preparing your Data Warehouse for data load.

Editing the Module Schema

1. Click on Configuration -> Modules Schema page

2. A list of all created modules will appear. Dimensions that have been enabled for a module will be shown with a green dots while dimensions that have not been enabled for a modules are shown with a grey dots.

3. Click Edit Configuration to edit the modules.

4. Users will notice that the dots have now changed to check boxes, allowing the user to click the check box associated to a dimension and enable it for the module.

5. Enable and/or disables dimensions to a modules according to the type of data that will be loaded in.

6. Once completed, click Save in the upper right hand corner to save the changes. Click Cancel if you wish to undo your changes and revert back to the previous configuration.