License Management


In the Licenses screen you can assign () licences to specific modules/features for a specific user. A user will not see these applications, should they not be assigned a license. Each column represents a module/feature, and the number of used and available licenses is listed behind the column title. If no licenses are available, you can either remove licenses from other users or purchase additional licenses.

NOTE: after assigning the feature, the user must refresh (F5) their web browser.

License Types

  • Report Designer: create reports and budget templates. When given access to a report Designer License, this user will also have access to all other purchased applications which can include:
    • Archive
    • Assignments
    • Budgeting
    • Workflow
  • Live Reporting: run reports in BI360 Cloud and Private Host. Selecting this option will also include an Archive license.
  • Data Warehouse manager: permissions to access the Data Warehouse.
    • Currently there is no data restrictions in Data Warehouse. Only Administrators should be given access to this application if sensitive material is being added.
  • Archive: Permission to access reports distributed via end user or publisher
  • Assignments: end users option to run Budget templates
  • Workflow: similar to assignments, but also includes an approver and reviewer
  • Publisher Recipient: can receive a publisher email
    • Cannot receive reports sent to archive
    • Cannot access Publisher