March 2022

We are happy to share another set of updates this month. This months update includes updates to Ad Hoc Reporting and improved exporting to Excel. The most recent changes are included below.

New Features & Enhancements


  • Report Templates and Input Templates can now have a parent category of “none”
    • Replaces the old way of “deselecting” parent category
    • Adds an “optional” tag to the “choose parent category” when creating or editing a category


  • Adds support for running multiple Input Flows simultaneously.
    • Adds the option “Allow this flow to run in parallel when parameters differ.” under parameters
    • Redesigns the log view to make it easier to access previous executions
    • The log will now store the last 7 days of executions from previously storing the last 4 executions

Data Warehouse

  • Add Account Type mapping to D365 Business Central Quickstart
  • D365 Business Central Company drop down should show the DisplayName if it exists

Administrative & Settings

  • User Settings: Removed the 30 character limitation on Role names. Role names can now be any character length
  • Adds an option to manually refresh the license from the customer administration page on cloud
    • Navigate to Settings > Administration > Select the Company on the left side > Licensing tab > Click Update Licenses link



  • Fixes Ad Hoc Reporting’s company selector’s drop-downs having different widths
  • Fixes Ad Hoc Reporting cropping leading zeroes of text values on export
  • Fixes Ad Hoc Reporting issues with filters containing commas, colons, and apostrophes
  • Fixes issue in Report Templates and Input Templates where trying to rename a template to an illegal name wouldn’t display an error message
  • Fixes “Export to Excel” missing the template’s print setup


  • Fixes Input Template storage crash when the sheet name contains apostrophes
  • Fixes sorting becoming case-sensitive after creating a new template in Input Templates
  • Fixes the “Export to Excel” feature in Assignments
    • Aligns the feature with Archive, Report Templates, and Input Templates
  • Fixes “Export to Excel” missing the template’s print setup


  • Fixes issue in Administration where errors during the renaming of a user wouldn’t be displayed on the page