Live Reporting

Live Reporting

Create report templates (Report Designer License required), run reports and share reports with your colleagues. Shared reports inherit the security context of the user running the report, ensuring that they see only the data they are supposed to.

Latest Report Designer Setup

If Report Designer is not detected on your computer, you should be navigated to the download. However, if you are not, you can get the latest Report Designer download here.

Support ERPs

Private Host Cloud – Hybrid Agent
Data Warehouse Not Applicable
Dynamics AX2009 Available!
Dynamics GP 2013+ Available!
Dynamics SL 2011+ Available!
Dynamics NAV 2013+ Available!
Sage 100/300/500 SQL only Available!
SAP Business One 9.0+ Available!

Free training videos on Live Reporting are available on the Solver Academy!

In the Live Reporting screen you can see report templates created by you or shared with you by your colleagues. Report templates that have not been published, are displayed with the Draft status icon ().

If you want to refine the list, use the filter on the left side of the screen.

All reports uploaded to Live Reporting are considered reports and will not save back to the Solver Data Warehouse, even if they have budget settings. To use a budget report, please upload the report via the Budgeting menu.

Options in the Live Reporting screen

Button Name Description
Layout Click one of these buttons to change the layout of the report template view.
Open Click here to open and view the selected report template. Opening a report template also gives you access to options like sharing and archiving. See Open report template.
New Click here to create a new report template. See Create report template.
Edit Click here to edit the selected report template or package.
Duplicate Click here to create a copy of the selected report template. See Duplicate report template.
Remove Click here to remove the selected report template(s) from the application and move them to the Recycle bin for deletion.

  • This will remove the template from the respective menu, any categories, packages and publisher jobs.
  • It will not remove the template if it is associated to a Budget Flow (new feature as of April 2021)

For instructions on completely removing a report, see Deleting Report

Publish Click here to publish the report template.

  • This options is only available if the report template is a draft. See Publish report template.
  • This option is available to Report Designers only
  Categorize Click this button to categorize the selected report templates. See Manage categories.
  Add to package Click here to add the selected report templates to a package. See Package reports.
Download Click here to download the report template (for example as a backup). 
Upload Click here to upload a report template to the portal.

Deleting Reports

A report that is “Removed” is moved to the Recycle Bin, which appears at the bottom of your Live Reporting or Input Templates Categories listing. Items are moved to the recycle bin first, prior to being removed from the application to give users the option to confirm the removal of the report or to restore that report.

Click the Recycle Bin to view all reports that have been removed from the respective menu. In the popup that appears there is a listing of reports plus the following actions to choose from.

Options in the Live Reporting screen

RestoreRestore the selected report(s) to the Live Reporting or Input templates menu.
  • The report must be re-added to any Publisher subscription, Category and/or Report Package that it once belonged to.
Delete ForeverDeletes the selected report(s) from the Solver Cloud application. This is a permanent action and the report(s) cannot be recovered after deleting the report.
  • Reports must be selected first
Empty Recycle BinEmpties the entire recycle bin.
  • Unlike the Delete Forever option, no reports need to be selected to click this action.