October 2022

Solver is happy to present to our esteemed users, The October 2022 Solver Release Notes!

This month’s release includes updates to Workflow and Input Flows, some new and exciting QuickStart features, as well as solutions to many of your worldly problems (Solver related).

As always, we ask that you reach out to provide any feedback you may have for us and if you run into problems, contact our amazing support staff at support.solverglobal.com.

New Features


  • Added the ability for the “Force refresh” flag to trigger an automatic refresh when opening a report in Single Assignments that have not run before.
  • Added a due date to the list view of assignments due in the future.
  • Added the ability for users to filter the workflow status page by templates and users.
Now users can select a specific template or user to filter by.
  • Added functionality to the stop button to discontinue all queued or active flows


  • Added the option for users to run in report designer from the report template viewer before the report is ran.

Data Warehouse

  • Added a notification to alert users to an invalid rate type naming convention due to exceeding 15 digits.
  • Removed the ability to sort the column by selecting the currency header in the monthly rates table due to UI changes in the table.
  • Added Multiple sub-ledgers to QuickStart for D365 BC Sales including:
    • Sales Order
    • Sales Invoice
    • Sales Credit Memos

Bug Fixes


  • Fixes an issue where the Save button was clickable while the application was in the process of saving data.
  • Fixes an issue that users were encountering while attempting to publish a workflow that previously had an error, the publish button would not be available.
  • Fixes an issue where the “Storing data will trigger one or more input flows” message was incorrectly displayed.
  • Fixes an issue where the flow status would be set to completed successfully even if the last iteration of the flow had failed.
  • Fixes an issue with the “Only start new flow execution if data is stored in the first template” flag preventing other extra flows to be triggered that shouldn’t have been.

Process Manager

  • Fixes an issue where filters in the process manager were displaying incorrect information.
  • Fixes an issue where timestamps were not updating within the process details page when users made edits.


  • Fixes an issue causing parameter ranges to be sorted in an order that resulted in missing values.

Data Warehouse

  • Fixes an issue where users were seeing duplicated data on the dimension overview screen. (This duplicated data was only being displayed and not recorded in the underlying database.)
  • Fixes an issue where new manual integration notifications were appearing as the incorrect color changed from yellow to purple.
Formerly yellow manual integration notifications are now purple

Stay tuned for more Solver updates in the future. For any issues, contact Solver Support at: support.solverglobal.com