June 2020

This month we bring you a few great new features and many new bug fixes.

New features this month

User license changes

We have made several changes to our user licensing to improve the experience and provide more options for user configuration.

  • Budgeting menu: Live Reporting users can now have direct access to the Budgeting menu via the license configuration page. The Budgeting menu was previously reserved for Designer users and Assignments were used for user data entry. With this new option, an organization can decide whether users should enter budgets, forecasts, and other data from the Assignments menu and/or if users should directly access the templates from the Budgeting menu. The license count has been removed for the Budgeting license. Please note that you must enable a Live Reporting license to enable the Budgeting license.
  • Publisher recipients: Solver now offers an unlimited number of Publisher recipients. Recipients must be configured as a user and applicable data access privileges can be configured. Every user within Solver can receive a Publisher email containing reports configured for that Publisher job.
  • Workflow: Similar to the Budgeting menu, when a Live Reporting user has Budgeting enabled on the license screen, the user will now also have access to configure the Workflows from the Workflow menu.
  • The Assignments and Publisher Recipients license are no longer found on the license page. All Live Reporting users continue to have access to Assignments when the Budgeting feature is purchased. All users are automatically included as Publisher Recipients.
License Matrix

New license screen

Data Warehouse user security

This month we have added more controls for users with access to the Data Warehouse, to manage data and integrations.

The following changes will not be enforced until the July 24 update.

  • Can delete transactions: Enable this permission to give users the ability to delete transactions from Data Explorer.
  • Can edit configuration: Enable this permission to give users the ability to add/modify/delete modules, dimensions, and attributes as well as modify module schema.
  • Can edit dimension members & trees: Enable this permission to give users the ability to edit (add/modify/delete) dimension members and related trees. This includes the Currency dimension and related currency menu.
  • Can edit integrations, rules & jobs: Enable this permission to give users the ability to edit (add/modify/delete) data integrations, rules, and jobs.
  • Can run integrations, rules & jobs: Enable this permission to give users the ability to execute (run) data integrations, rules, and jobs manually.

We are still working to add more user access controls. In a later release, we will add restrictions on the data within the Data Warehouse based on the overall access permissions set at the user or role level.

Excel connector

The connectors marketplace now includes a new file connector for both CSV and Excel files. Load data from multiple worksheets and workbooks right from Excel. The new file connector supports csv, .xls, and .xlsx formats.

The current csv connector has been deprecated. You can still run your existing integrations with the old csv connector but it has been removed from the marketplace, so all new integrations will use the new combined connector.

The new file connector is also available through the Gateway client. To access the new connector, you will need to download and install the latest version of Gateway from the marketplace.

There are a few known issues we are working through for the next release:
1. Special characters in the Excel file name are not yet supported.
2. An error will occur if there is a csv and Excel file with the same name imported to the same integration.
3. Macro enabled (xlsm) is not yet supported.

License expiration banner

Customer & Tenant administrators will now see a new warning banner when your license is set to expire within the next 60 days. The banner will change to red within 14 days of expiration.

Solver internal authentication changes

If you are using the internal user authentication, users will now be temporarily locked out after five failed login attempts. The lockout will be removed after a 30 minute waiting period. However, requesting a password reset from the login page can restore access without waiting.

Password requirements have been updated. Solver follows the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines. And specifically, the guidelines outlined in NIST Special Publication 800-63B.

The minimum password length is 8 characters and may not be similar to a database of common passwords.

Hybrid Reporting configuration menu location change

We have moved the location of the Hybrid configuration. It was previously found under the Get Data menu. We have moved this under the Settings menu. It is available for users with the Can Manage Connections permission enabled.

Fixes this month

  • Language translation: Errors would occur in some cases for languages with missing translation information. This update resolves the error message received.
  • Line Item Detail: When saving updates in some rare circumstances, the update would result in an error. Updates now store without error.
  • Dimension filter export: When applying a filter to a dimension list within the Data Warehouse, all records were exported. Records now export based on the applied filters.
  • Dimension filter export: Exporting very large dimension sets resulted in an error.
  • Dimension copy & paste: Pasting a value to multiple rows and one or more columns within the dimension list page did not store the pasted value for all rows. With this update, all pasted values are now stored correctly.
  • Fiscal quarter reference on the Periods dimension: The Quarter reference on the Period dimension was not always referencing the correct quarter. This issue was found with 13 or 11 fiscal periods. Quarters now show correctly.
  • CSV files names containing # symbol: Files containing a # symbol resulted in a mapping error. Solver now handles this special character within file imports.