January 2021

To start the new year, we are bringing a new design to our cloud portal and Excel add-on. Along with a large list of improvements and bug fixes.

New this month

New Portal

The new portal brings an updated main menu experience as well as performance improvements. The portal is now organized based on features related to Reporting and Planning. Features are visible based on the customer and user licensing. We moved the Settings and Data Warehouse menu items to the bottom of the menu because these are primarily used by power and/or administrative users.

While we have updated the names and icons, the functionality has not changed.

User Ownership Change

  • Ownership change of reports will now overwrite report drafts of the same report instance found on the destination.
    • This is to avoid issues with duplicates.

Sort and reorder reports in Playlists

  • The “Show playlist” is the same as the order displayed in the list.
  • There may be some issues with existing playlists since the order may be corrupt (there may be reports in the playlist with the same order) but changing one (any) of the reports in the playlist will resolve the issue.

Excel add-in application:

  • New visual design
  • Colors matching Portal
  • Cleaner look & feel
  • New icons
  • Better support for high-resolution displays
  • Optimized Ribbon bar
  • Sunset support for older Windows

Fixes this month

  • General Portal
    • Error “Invalid to row index: 162” when adding 150 Line Item Details rows.
      • The required number of rows will now be added to the lid sheet when a column is expanded.
    • Difficult to organize reports in a playlist.
      • The order will now save properly after the reports are re-arranged.
      • The “drop here” notice is shown earlier and covers all columns.
      • Sorting by a column was removed to avoid issues with the manual ordering of reports in a playlist.
    • Undo edit in Live Reporting does not remove Publish button from the toolbar.
      • Reverting a draft edit will no longer give the appearance that the report is unpublished.
    • Last code in a parameter lookup not appearing
    • Users list in Publisher is not sorted by name.
    • The close button in the report player stops working if the user declined to navigate away from the report.
    • Error dialog too wide throughout the portal.
      • Error dialog is now up to 70% of the width of the window.
    • Unable to run a protected report in the Portal.
      • This fixes crashing reports using protected sheets.
    • Long notification titles now show the entire notification.
    • “View more” on notification triggers the “Open” link.
    • There are duplicating loading indicators in the Portal when the report is updated from the Report Designer.
    • The Workflow status report card links are broken.
    • There is missing styling when renaming the Playlist.
    • The Report Designer download prompt appears despite Report Designer being installed already.
    • The menu becomes scrollable when the browser window size decreases vertically.
    • Budgeting Storage Fails if UserName has an Apostrophe.
    • “Use ignore flag” does not support the formula.
      • Fixes issue with ignore logic not working in RD.
      • Fixes issue where formulas would stop working after a budget refresh.
    • Email notification links are not working.
    • Parameter Type Textbox missing border.
    • Less verbose exceptions if a report package is missing library items in Live Reporting.
      • It fixes a null check that would be outputted to the console.
    • Created Date in Workflow is not formatted properly.
    • Created Date in Budgeting is not formatted properly.
    • Dates in Publisher are not formatted properly.
    • Styling issues with date-picker.
    • Changing the ownership of a report in a shared category may result in duplicate drafts and Live Reporting crash.
    • Notifications have “View more” and “Open” links too close to each other.
  • Excel application:
    •  Change drilldown menu name
    • Search functionality in Lookup dialog
    • Show list of period functions in alphabetical order
    • Use comma separator when Lookup filter is used in Report Designer
    • Report designer does not warn when Excel is closed after the report is run
    • Report Designer does not adhere to the “Protect non-input cells” setting
    • Do not apply sheet protection when Budget template is ran in Excel.
    • Ignore syntax should not be case sensitive.