How to get opening balance transactions in Intacct


This section will go over how to pull in the opening balances from Intacct into the Data Warehouse.



Beginning balance will be found in the GLAccountBalance object.


There are a couple ways to do this. You can either:

  1. Bringing in the sum of all transactions for prior years into the report to do the calculation
  2. Find where the beginning balance object is in Intacct (if it exists) and bring that into the data warehouse
  3. Create a business rule that calculates beginning balance for the year
  4. Manually add the beginning balance to the DW


Solver’s recommendation is to:

  • Create an integration to the GLAccountBalance only
  • Load the Beginning balance to scenario OBA (Opening Balance Actuals)
  • The data mapping needs to be similar to GL/GL Detail, Category will also need to be mapped


#2 is most common because set up simply requires the user to find the object

#3 is the next best step. Some of this should be discussed with your consultant.