Data Warehouse (Parent)

Welcome to your Data Warehouse

This fully configurable Data Warehouse gives you the ability to create a central location for all of the organization’s financial and operational data, all in the Cloud.

Free training videos on the Data Warehouse can be found on the Solver Academy.

Use one of the many connectors available in the Solver market place to load data into Solver. The following are just a couple of the Connectors available in the marketplace

  1. D365 Finance and Operations
  2. D365 Business Central
  3. Sage Intacct
  4. SAP B1 for HANA

Click on Data > Integrations > Add New to view all of the available connectors.

After you have loaded in your data, edit and maintain your dimensions without affecting your ERP system. 

Create detailed reports, using the Excel interface, and publish them to the web. Once published to the web, any user that has been assigned to the application can run the report from any computer with internet access.

This help guide is meant to show users how to use Solver Cloud. Take a moment to review all of the features or if a question comes up while you are using the application, click the Help button for information on the feature.

Getting Started

To begin loading data into your Data Warehouse

  1. Start off by configuring periods (see Configuration link). This is your first step and must be completed before loading data in.
  2. Load Data. There are two approaches.
    • If using a connector, configure and run the connector that has been purchased. This will create the modules and dimensions, and their associated attributes.
    • Configure Modules and Dimensions first and their corresponding attributes (see Configuration link). Then use a CSV file to import data.
  3. Navigate to the dimension page to view the dimensional data that has been added.

Click on the Data link above to learn more about different methods to load data into Solver. Once the data has been loaded into the Data Warehouse, use Solver’s advanced report writer (found in the Live Reporting menu) to build reports.