Solver includes a robust connector to Salesforce data. Solver data connectors use Salesforce’s REST API to connect to all of the objects configured by Salesforce. This allows for an organization with an active Salesforce account, to enable the REST API and quickly import their Salesforce data into the the Solver Cloud.

Solver’s Salesforce connector utilizes the following technologies provided by Salesforce.

  1. TLS 1.2
  2. OAuth 2.0

Configuring Access to Salesforce

Solver needs to following pre-configuration in order to connect to Salesforce:

  1. A login account that has been assigned to a role with ”API enabled”. It is strongly recommended to create a user to be used as the Solver connector account.
    The Salesforce connector currently does not support two factor authentication.
  2. Enable REST API
    Available for Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer and Performance editions of Salesforce Only. 

    Contract, Group and Professional Editions do not support this. Please contact your Salesforce Rep.

  3. Security Token
  4. Create an App via Remote Access

The process to configure the above requirements is documented in the next sections. The permissions of the account being used to log into Salesforce from Solver also determine the security and data access that Solver will have. To ensure that all data comes in, an account with admin permissions is recommended but not required.

Salesforce API Limitations

Salesforce imposes certain restrictions on the number of concurrent and total API requests made within a 24 hour period. Organizations may set a threshold (Administrative Setup -> Monitor -> View API Usage) for API usage within the organization and receive an email when this threshold has been reached.

Salesforce may impose API overage fees. Please contact your Salesforce account rep for details on how to limit API overages

Total Number of Concurrent Queries

The below limit is based on active queries above 20 seconds

Org Type


Developer Edition


Trial Org


Production Org




Total API Request Limits

Salesforce Edition

API Calls per License Type

Total Calls per 24-hr Period



– 15,000

  • Enterprize Edition

  • Professional Edition with API Access Enabled

  • Salesforce 1,000

  • Salesforce Platform: 1,000

  • – One App: 200

  • Gold Partner: 200

– 15,000 + (number of licenses x calls per license type) up to a max of


  • Unlimited Edition

  • Performance Edition

  • Salesforce: 5,000

  • Salesforce Platform: 5,000

  • – One App: 200

  • Gold Partner: 200

– 15,000 + (number of licenses x calls per license type)



– 5,000,000


To enable the REST API, the organization must:

  1. Have an Active user. The account is required to log into Salesforce’s REST API from the Data Warehouse connectors login screen.
    • This account must be assigned to a role that has “API Enabled” checked off.
  2. Create a security token.
  3. Enable “Remote Access” under App Setup

Create a Security Token

  1. Log into as an admin user.
  2. Click on your UserName in the upper right hand corner and choose Setup.
  3. In the left hand navigation pane, scroll down the list to Personal Setup and expand on My Personal Information.
  4. Click on Reset my Security Token.
  5. An email will be sent to the email associated with the account with a  security token. This token is needed for in order for Solver to connect to Salesforce.
    • Password resets will reset this token and will require your Solver Integration user password to be updated

Configure “Remote Access”:

  1. Log into as an Admin user.
  2. Click on your UserName in the upper right hand corner and choose Setup.
  3. In the left hand navigation pane, scroll down the list to App Setup and expand on Create.
  4. Click on Apps.
  5. Click on Apps.
  6. The Apps page will load. Users will see a list of Apps that have been created. Scroll down the list to Connected Apps.
  7. Under Connected Apps, click on New.
  8. The user will be presented with a form. Complete this form, filling out all required information.
    • Basic Info:
      • Connected App Name: Recommend to use an app specific name such as Data Warehouse.
      • API Name: This will pre-populate with the Connected App Name. It is recommended to keep this the same as the Connected App Name.
      • Contact Email: A user within the organization, recommend to use an email who is a Salesforce Admin account.
      • The other fields in Basic info are optional and do not need to be completed for Solver to connect to your salesforce account.
    • API (enable OAuth Settings)
      • Enable OAuth Settings: Enable this feature by clicking the Checkbox. Upon clicking this Checkbox, more options will appear.
        • Callback URL: type in
          • For production
          • For sandbox
        • Use Digital Signatures: Enable this feature by clicking the Checkbox.
        • Selected OAuth Scopes:
          • Minimum permission for Data Warehouse connector would be to add the following to the Selected Permissions:
        • Require secret for Web Server Flow: Enable this feature by clicking the Checkbox.
      • All other features do not need to be enabled for Solver to connect to a Salesforce account.
  9. All other options: Custom Connected App Handler, Mobile App Settings and Canvas App Settings do not need to be completed.
  10. Upon completing these required fields, click Save.
  11. Upon clicking Save, users will be presented with the Customer Key and Customer Secret. These fields are needed for Solver to connect to a Salesforce install.

Note: Salesforce will need about 10 minutes to configure the access permissions.

This completes the pre-configuration needed for Solver to connect to the Salesforce REST API. When using the Solver Cloud the username, password, security token, customer secret and customer key are all needed in order to log in. Salesforce REST API displays all available objects, and the access to the data is based on the security access of the user credentials being used in the Solver Salesforce Connector.