September 2022

Welcome to September beloved Solver Users! We have a loaded update for you this month full of some great behind-the-scenes improvements as well as some fun new UI changes to make Solver as convenient and intuitive as possible.

This release brings some significant design changes to the Data Warehouse and Assignment pages that we believe will knock your socks off. Feel free to reach out to support if you have any questions.

Notice of change to External API:

On another note, we have made some changes to the External API so if you have not already, go ahead and toggle this on and off to be able to receive the most up-to-date version of this feature.

Notice of change to Monthly Rates table:

Lastly, we have made a change to the Monthly Rates page that makes it so any business rules used to match fiscal periods with the first month of their fiscal calendar are now unnecessary. For more information on this change, see the notes below or contact Consulting.

New Features


  • Assignments can now show a rejected status if the approver on the assignment has rejected the submission. Once the assigned user reopens the assignment, the assignment’s status is then changed to in progress.

  • Added the ability to switch from a card view to a list view when displaying Assignments using the icons at the top of the page.
    • New status icons have been introduced to the Assignment page: the clock icon, which indicates that an assignment is under review, and the bell icon, which indicates that an assignment is ready to be worked on.
New Icons Added to the Assignments Page

Data Warehouse

  • Improved performance to D365 BC V1 Connector.
    • This connector has improved performance with row filtering now available on the ERP side.

  • Improvements to Finance and Operations D365 Connector.
    • This connector has improved performance with row filtering now available on the ERP side.

  • D365 BC V2 Connector performance enhancements.

  • Several updates to the Business Central V2 Connector including:
    • Renaming the Purchaser field to PurchaserCode.
    • The addition of an External Document Number field.
    • The additions of the User ID and IC Partner Code fields.

  • A Save View button has been added to the dimension members screen that allows users to save the layout or filters being used when viewing their data before leaving the page.
New Save View Button
  • Updated Swedish language translations in the Data Warehouse.

  • The Monthly Rates page UI has been updated and has several additions including:
    • The periods are now shown as a column instead of a row for optimized viewing.
    • Currencies have been moved to the top of the chart.
    • More than 12 periods per fiscal year are now able to be viewed to accommodate all fiscal calendars.
    • A new column was added to display the calendar end dates that are matched to their assigned periods.
New Monthly Rates Table Layout
Former Monthly Rates Table Layout


  • Performance enhancements to the External API.



  • Fixes an issue where users were unable to view all their parameters if they had selected more than would fit on the card at one time.

  • Input flow info view will now display the correct number of iterations for a template in a flow.

  • Fixes an issue where the Stop button was available even if there was no active input flow.

  • Fixes an issue where users were able to publish to workflows that they do not own.

  • Fixes an issue where selecting ‘Let the user decide’ when creating parameters sent the workflow to the completed tab.

Process Manager

  • Fixed an issue where the due-date timestamp would not properly set.

  • Design changes have been made to make the due-date calendar in the Process Manager easier to read and navigate.

  • Fixes a display issue with long URLs on the Process Details page.


  • Translations have been updated across the application for validation error notifications.
    • Example: When trying to store data, if an input flow is being executed for the same report or in the case of trying to rename a template if the template does not exist or the name is already taken.

  • Fixes an issue where enabling/disabling the external API would temporarily display the incorrect modules selected.

Stay tuned for more Solver updates in the future. For any issues, contact Solver Support at: