Budget Flow


Introduced in the March 2021 Solver Cloud update, Budget Flow allows customers to automate a budget process, executing multiple templates in a user-defined order. This can be useful in cases of

  • Driver-based budget models
  • Budget models driven off a specific order of operations
  • Budget Corrections/adjustments that need to be populated to all budgets


Budget Flow has the following requirements and restrictions

  1. Purchase of the Budgeting module
  2. Report Designer license
  3. Only 25 iterations (explained below) can be generated per budget flow.

Available actions

In the upper right hand corner, users will see the following actions:

Field Description
Click this icon to create a new Budget Flow.
Click this icon to execute a configured Budget Flow.
Click this icon to stop the execution of a Budget Flow.
Click this icon to view details of the last execution of this Budget Flow.
Prior executions are not visible from this screen.
Click this icon to edit the selected Budget Flow.
Click this icon to enable the Budget Flow. By enabling a Budget Flow, the save routine will get kicked off when any input template is Saved from the Budgeting menus.
As an example, if you have Iput templates A, B and C
  • When input template is saved from the Budgeting menu, B and C will be saved with this Budget Flow is enabled
  • If input template B is saved, input template C is saved as part of this Budget Flow.
  • Leaving a Budget Flow disabled will require the user to manually run the Budget Flow from the Budget Flow menu.
Click this icon to delete a Budget Flow.
  • This action does not delete the associated input templates.