June 2022

We have another exciting round of updates to Solver Cloud. This months release includes updates to Ad Hoc reporting and Report Templates.

New Features

Process Manager

  • Breadcrumb navigation has been added


  • Ad Hoc reports can now be shared and marked as Favorite. A shared Ad Hoc report will be visible to all users in the tenant.
  • Ad Hoc reports can be filtered by All, My Reports, Shared and Favorites
  • Ad Hoc reports will keep their formatting upon export. Groupings do not export.
Ad Hoc Reporting – Sharing and Favorites

Data Warehouse

  • The Connector Marketplace will show installed connectors by default
  • The Sage Intacct connector now supports Warehouse, Contract and Task
  • QuickStart for Sage Intacct now supports Task as part of the Project Dimension Load (Project – Task)



  • Fixes situation where Ad Hoc filters do not work if a label contains a comma
  • Fixes Ad Hoc reports automatic refresh when a filter is added
  • Fixes Report Template exports that unintentionally include hidden sheets. Existing reports will need to be run to trigger the change.
  • Fixes an issue where large reporting groupings (~60k) can result in incorrect data results


  • Workflow configuration added to allow Reviewers and Approvers to save data. The workflow creator can choose whether or not to allow the Reviewers and Approvers to save data.
Workflow – Allow Save Data

Data Warehouse

  • Integrations do not load mappings to Alias and Active attributes
  • Jobs with a schedule can now be edited
  • Task Name is not lost when user is configuring an integration
  • Edit button is no longer hidden by long Target Names


  • Home screen better adjusts to browser size
  • Role names are now sorted alphabetically everywhere