Data Explorer

Data Explorer allows the user to view up to 10,000 transactions in each module within the Data Warehouse. In the main screen, the user can select which module they would like to view from a drop down. After the module is selected, the data from that module is displayed with the below buttons:

  • Filters – users can filter the transactions displayed using column headers. Once these columns are dragged into the filter area, the dimension or field code can be added manually or using the lookup icon.
    • Searching is case sensitive
  • Refresh – Used to apply any filters that exist in the filter area.
  • Reset – clears out all filters so Data Explorer will display the default top 10,000 most recent transactions.
  • Select all – will select all transactions currently displaying on the page. Useful when trying to delete large amounts of data.
  • Delete – deletes the selected transaction(s) from the Data Warehouse

Note: Data Explorer provides access to all data within the Data Warehouse. It is intended for those with admin access.