December 2021


Data Warehouse: Spanish translation has been added.

Fixes & Enhancements this month

General Portal & Data Warehouse

  • Integrations: When creating a file import integration, the Task Filter may result in an indefinite loading icon when using the “contains” operator.
  • Data Access: fixes Data Access filters does not supporting <> operators

Reporting and Input Templates

  • Performance improvement for large input templates
  • Archive: fixes sorting arrows being reversed in Archive and Report Templates
  • fixes Input Template’s select company dialog being inaccessible when clicking “Choose Company” while assigning a report
  • fixes Budgeting Setup’s missing localization keys when entering credentials

Input Flow

  • Makes it possible for Budget Flow to iterate on multi-select parameters

Ad Hoc Reporting

  • Improves Ad Hoc Reporting performance when opening filters with large quantities of options
  • Improves Ad Hoc Reporting error handling during requests – Fixes many situations where the application would only display an empty page due to a crash
  • Fixes Ad Hoc Reporting not remembering sorting when grouping by column
  • Fixes Ad Hoc Reporting changing the company instantly when selecting a company in the modal, rather than waiting for the user to click OK
  • Fixes Ad Hoc Reporting not loading data if the user navigates too fast between reports
  • Fixes Ad Hoc Reporting’s period search being too fuzzy
  • Fixes Ad Hoc Reporting crash if the period filter is removed and added again
  • Fixes Ad Hoc Reporting company selector does not automatically select the only company available – The dialog to select a company on creating a new Ad Hoc Reporting report will no longer show up for users that only have access to one company
  • Fixes Ad Hoc Reporting reports being accessible by other users – The reports were never visible to other users, and the other user would need to know the exact id to open the report – The report can only display data from companies the user has access to, so this is specifically to protect the report itself


  • Improvements to the folder creation process within the account category mapping step in the QuickStart wizard.