October 2019

October 2019 Cloud Update


New features:
• Show Windows 10 as required for Report Designer on download page
• Select multiple values in parameter lookup using only the mouse
• Upload report direct into categories

Fixed issues:
• After changing a report name, the old report name still shows in the green toast pop-up after processing the report.
• Wrong reports shown for shared category after the “All” option in the filter sidebar has been selected once
• Calendar pop-up covers parameter input field to very hard to MANUALLY enter a date in the field partially hidden behind the pop-up
• The markup of Recent (reports) disappears when selecting a category in Live Reporting

Reporting – Archive

New feature:
• Add “Download to Excel” from Archive as a permission

Fixed issues:
• Unable to print from Archive because heading with printing button disappears
• Toggle vertical/horizontal (multiple open items) does not work in Archive
• When opening multiple archive Items some items are displayed blank

Report Designer

New feature:
• French language in Report Designer

Fixed issues:
• Improve error message in ExcelSheetWriter for single cell value
• KPI & Expression filters missing single quotes
• Groups still expand even when expand checkbox in Report Designer is unchecked

Report Engine

New features:
• Upgrading Excel to web transformation service for rendering reports
• Better error messages in LayoutReader
• Parameter support in lookup filters (Cascading filters)

Fixed issues:
• Report jobs can get stuck in running when report timeout is reached
• Sheet per value filter overrides groups
• Sheet per value gives #NAME if sheets contain no data
• KPI based on multiple fact sets fails
• KPI with multiple expressions fails
• Filters don’t support wildcard comparisons for strings (begins with, ends with, like, contains)
• KPI with constant gives SQL error
• Inheritance of AccountStrings differs in 4.x and 5.x


New Feature:
• Store data from Excel. This new feature is designed as a method to test storage settings and is only available from the designer Excel application.

• The storage dialog will provide the following information.
1. Number of records updated
2. Details of each change
3. The associated TSQL generated (Note this SQL can help the Solver Support team troubleshoot any issues)

Fixed issues:
• Option to delete budget transactions if cell value is 0
• Navigating to history item in budgeting returns API error if history item no longer exists
• Budget run and save buttons are not enabled after storage error or no changes detected

Budgeting – Workflow

New feature:
• Edit Workflow – Edit budget template

Fixed issues:
• Wrong warning dialog when ‘Edit’ for open template
• New assignment resource key isn’t replaced
• Workflow crash when user is not assigned to a template
• Assignments no longer sort alphanumerically, change back to original sorting

Data Warehouse

• Minor bug fixes and enhancements