August 2019

August 2019 Cloud Update

Report Designer

New features:

  • Help documentation should be available from Report Designer

Installation issues:

  • You are asked to download Report Designer when it’s already installed
  • Downgrading Report Designer by installing an older version leaves a corrupt installation
  • Double clicking the Report Designer installer of the currently installed version immediately performs an uninstall
  • Report Designer installer fails to setup correctly on 64 bit Office
  • Require Office 2013 for Report Designer

Other issues:

  • Period filter UI can show <Current period> instead of actual parameter such as @Period
  • Report Designer does not work with multiple Excel windows
  • Data remaining in template when switching back to Design mode
  • Hidden sheets are lost when working with a protected workbook
  • Disappearing Sheet Filters within Cloud 5.2.20131
  • Layout Editor is not responsive when the report loads
  • Dialog incorrectly shown saying that parameter in removed sheet is still in use
  • Show error message in Report Designer’s launcher on authentication error


  • Wrong numbers in selections for group attribute
  • Report package jobs stuck in running state
  • Report jobs are hanging on status running even after failure of job
  • Long running report queries cannot be cancelled
  • The YTD function does not work as before

Budgeting & Workflow

New Features:

  • Allow everybody to view all workflows
  • Workflow email notifications
  • Allow changing date interval when editing a published workflow
  • Better visualization in the workflow matrix
  • Open assignment (for review) from status view (in workflow)
  • Show user name on the assignments card
  • Collapse/expand for assignments in a workflow
  • Allow reviewers, approvers and budget users to review before assignment is submitted
  • Let the user decide multiple parameters (reuse pre-assignment)
  • Make the assignment available for users after approval
  • Let users see workflows and assignments that have start date in future
  • Search for assignments

Fixed Issues:

  • Storing many budget rows can be slow
  • Copying and pasting values with decimals
  • Protect non input cells
  • Disable “Save data” and “Run” when pressing either “Run” or “Save data” in Portal
  • Do not refresh the budget template when failing after clicking the store button
  • Save changes inconsistency (when navigating away, etc.)
  • “Unsaved changes” indicator in create/edit workflow does not work in some cases
  • Select templates dialog in create workflow should behave the same as Publisher
  • Maximizing screen utilization in Assignments
  • Check list parameter values not working with “,” in workflow
  • Cannot change thumbnail in Budgeting module
  • Period functions does not work in Budget assignment
  • Assignee gets notification that draft workflow has been deleted
  • The Sum on the Main line isn’t updated when spreading amount
  • Row sum in spreading tool doesn’t update
  • Budget assignment: Company name overflowing ‘Let user decide’ checkbox
  • Unable to set offset back to 0 when using spreading tool in assignment
  • Missing close button in create/edit workflow
  • Roles drop-down in assignment budget is not sorted
  • Reports containing checklist parameters takes a long time when no parameter value is selected
  • Companies in Workflow not sorted
  • Lookup gives error when opened in a draft budget report
  • When selecting a budget instance incorrect values are set in checklist parameter
  • Owner not set when duplicating a workflow
  • Unsaved changes dialog should not show when hitting publish
  • Edit button is behaving different between Live Reporting and Budgeting
  • Incorrect status displayed in workflow when going from review to approve
  • Not possible to open activity log in assignments when French language is set

Data Warehouse

New Feature

  • Cancel an integration in process from the Integrations page (note: not available for Jobs yet)

Fixed Issues

  • Jobs next run date/time is incorrectly shown
  • Error when mapping an integration with a source field labeled “item”
  • Importing a Gateway or CSV integration fails
  • Error mapping the “Contacts” field from D365 Sales


  • Performance enhancements and other minor fixes