Login information

To establish a connection from Solver’s Business Central connector to your Business Central account, please follow the below instructions. 

NOTE: Solver recommends creating a web service user for integration use. 


Follow the below guidelines to input values for each field. 

  • OData URL: This is the URL found on the Web Services page. Solver Cloud only needs up to the …ODatav3/, so remove anything after the forward slash. It should look something like this: (https://api.businesscentral.dynamics.com/v1.0//ODataV3/)
  • Username: You only need the username, do not add the domain.
  • Web Service Access Key: This is the key generated from Web Service Access Key Section in the Users page under your web service user’s profile.
  • Company Name: This is the name of the company for which data should be brought in. This is a case sensitive field.